Italian Men's socks

One of the most famous Italian men's socks producer, the Palatino hosiery s.p.a. has been founded at Rome in February 12, 1949. Today it is known to international level for his specialization in the exclusive production of Italian men’s socks Italian men's socks.

Palatino, for the high quality of the products in the compartment of Italian men’s socks, it is currently a leader in Italy and he is become, during the years, a protagonist to international level, toward which market is now directed for more than three quarters of the production. Family firm of the handicraft production is still conducted by the family Colasanti from which has been founded. Reaches the third generation today, he has always transmitted to his numerous collaborators, in sixty years of tradition, the passion and the devotion to the job decidedly and proudly Italian.

The Palatino hosiery s.p.a. offers many types of Italian men's socks, trying to come meeting to every single client regarding his own demands, specific for each client. The Palatino hosiery’s really point of strength is the great variety of Italian men’s socks, that has allowed this hosiery to be on the top of the men’s socks Italian market and not only, in fact also on the international market the Palatino hosiery is imposed to the maximum levels.

Italian men's socks

Another great factor that has caused this great expansion of the market for the Palatino hosiery is the high quality of the materials used in the Italian men’s socks workmanship, what the wool merinos and the Egyptian cotton, but above all the constant employment of natural fibers.